As much as I love the males at Hallmark, our females are the backbone of our breeding program and are super important to carry forward those valuable traits to their offspring for the next generation.

We select females with great mothering qualities along with excellent temperaments and conformation.

We have been fortunate to work with other breeders to combine some of the best bloodlines available to produce beautiful, smart, and healthy French Bulldogs -- whether for the show ring or loving companionship.


CH Hallmark's "That Girl"

Jada exudes with confidence, intelligence and a smidgen of spice to make a wonderful show dog. She took the tough 2016 Florida circuit by storm winning (2) 4PT Majors and a 3PT Major.


Hallmark's All About Halo's N Tiara's

Tia is our first offspring by our boy Lance. We love her dark mask, solid body, great angulation and boy is she athletic! Her favorite hobby is ball playing, we may even give agility a try with this fun and athletic girl.


Bully Paradise Cinderella

We ventured out with importing this gorgeous girl, and we think she will be a perfect match for our boys. She has a great temperament, beautiful head and bone.


Hallmark's Justa Touch Of Eye Candy

Jasmine is from Justice and Nikki's 1st litter. She is very much like her sire with his sweet low key temperament and his body style in a female version.


Hallmark's Color Me O' So Hot

Aria is our first offspring sired by our boy Gable. She's a beautifully marked full hooded girl with minimal ticking. Although on the smaller side she is nicely balanced and carries a well established pedigree.


Hallmark's Hot Times N Nashville

Rayna is also sired by Gable.  She likewise is beautifully marked with a nice square head, good bone and a stellar pedigree.


Bydezynes Midnight Moon

We can't thank Sheree enough for sharing this lovely girl. She has the blackest eyes, lovely fill and wide muzzle plus solid built body. Not to forget being one of the sweetest girls here!


Hallmark's Connect The Dots

Dottie got the best of her sire and dam and has to be the calmest pied I've ever bred or owned. She has a wonderful temperament. We've been letting her mature so she can give the show ring a shot.


Stellar's Pop Sensation At Hallmark

Bab's is our inquisitive little brindle beauty, slow to mature but with her pedigree we look forward to her future.