As much as I love the males at Hallmark, our females are the backbone of our breeding program and are super important to carry forward those valuable traits to their offspring for the next generation.

We select females with great mothering qualities along with excellent temperaments and conformation.

We have been fortunate to work with other breeders to combine some of the best bloodlines available to produce beautiful, smart, and healthy French Bulldogs -- whether for the show ring or loving companionship.

Hallmark’s Look N To Get Spotted

Olivia was a stand out from the beginning from her pristine clear white coat to a beautifully full brindle hood. She exudes confidence along with a wonderful personality. We’re excited to see her become a champion!

Hallmark’s Reese! Legally Blonde

Reese is another of our cream girls with those lovely dark Hersey kiss eyes and pigment to match. She has wonderful substance and lovely bat ears. Her personality is gentle with just enough clownish ways to keep you laughing.

Hallmark’s All Gussied Up N Red

Gussie is my beautiful black mask red fawn pied sired by Gable. I was so excited when this girl was born! From her beautiful coat and markings to her compact body all rolled into one. Her pedigree is just as nice.

Rock N Roll’s Free N Easy Spirited Tyra

Tyra is our beautiful black mask fawn from my friend Karen Robertson of Rock N Roll Kennel. She arrived here a bold and spirited puppy, hence her name but I also love her cat like tight feet, substance and her loads of pretty wrinkles on her forehead that just add to her expression. We just love this girl!

Hallmark's Nothing But Brindle

Bree is our brindle beauty full of fun and loves everyone! She has great bone, beautiful ear set, great temperament and food, yes such an easy keeper.

Lionheart's Unforgetabull Lotofdrama "Fergie"
Our thanks to the Miklos's for allowing Fergie to become a part of our breeding/showing program, we're excited to see how she blends with our bloodlines.
Fergie has fit in wonderfully and is a little lady, sweet and quite. She has taken on being the babysitter of the younger ones here. We're so happy to have her!

Hallmark's Miranda! Famous N A Small Town
Miranda is our first daughter out of Grayson and we love her confidence plus she has that "I'm pretty and I know it "attitude! 
Smaller and compact with tight feet, smart as they come and I could go on and on. 

Hallmark's Martina! This One's For The Girls
We're very pleased with our get Mark is producing and Martina is a prime example. His pups have excellent temperaments, easy to train and she has a wonderful easy going personality in a cream package. Compact body with beautiful dark pigment and eyes plus a soft expression!

Hallmark's Of Course I'm Awesome I'm A Portia!
Portia is a littermate of Preston and the only female in the litter but what an outstanding example of the breed. Her movement is flawless and she is truly balanced. Something you don't see a lot of in the breed. Not only is she a beautiful black mask fawn pied with a clear coat (no ticking) gorgeous head and ear set but is smart with an excellent temperament!

Chugiak's Black Mask Beauty At Hallmark "Tiffany"
Tiffany exudes breed type even at such a young age and is a stunning beauty, hence her name implies! She's off to an impressive start wining a 5PT major on her very 1st day of showing. We're excited about her future and can't thank her breeders enough for sharing this jewel with us.